Joe Hambleton uses the mediums of video and animation to create experimental narratives that explore his experiences and surroundings. He continually alters his creative process through research and experimentation to further his understanding of the devices and processes found in other media such as film, videogames, music and literature. By applying this knowledge to video and animation, he is progressively creating narrative structures reflective of his personality and influences. He believes it is through creation that he gains an understanding of those who came before him, a realization of himself in the present, and a direction for the future.


He currently lives in Toronto, where he teaches Digital Media and Art at York University, Centennial College, Toronto School of Art and the Liaison of Independent Film and Television. He is a graduate of the University of Windsor (BFA in Visual Arts) and York University (MFA in Visual Arts). His work has been shown across North America, Europe and Asia. He is represented by the Pari Nadimi Gallery.