Sisyphus is a video installation that uses repetition and chance to create a dynamically shifting narrative reflective of one’s path in life. The work consists of a series of short animations of a character (first person perspective) moving through a virtual space. As the character navigates the space, they are constantly confronted with two paths, a correct path leading to a new variation of the current space, and an incorrect path that will restart the character back at the beginning. The path the character chooses is determined by chance using scripted software. With each failure, the character learns from their mistake and will choose the correct path in all future attempts. To further represent the character’s mindset, the camera movement, lighting and soundtrack of the work decays with each attempt. With little failure, Sisyphus can complete relatively unscathed. With constant failure, the damage will become insurmountable, forcing Sisyphus to concede.


Music by Jesse Bellon