This Won't End Well



Stuck in the present, unable to let go of the past, afraid of the future.


'This Won't End Well' is my first attempt to explore how animation software recreates classic cinematography tools in virtual space, and their potential to create narratives that are unique from traditional film and video. As modern rendering engines became more capable of producing photo-realistic imagery through indirect illumination algorithms such as ray tracing, photon mapping and ambient occlusion, 3D animation software developed virtual cameras that more closely reflected their real-world counterparts. Animators can adjust camera settings such as the film gate size, the focal length, aperture and shutter speed to more accurately simulate field of view, depth of field, and motion blur.


To test both the accuracy and potential of these cinematic tools, I meticulously crafted an environment to challenge if the virtual can mimic the real. Functioning LED screens have been constructed to test how a camera’s focus and depth of field is reproduced. I fabricated a variety of surface materials to examine how light bounces and is captured within a frame. Various types of camera movement are used to examine how motion is simulated across multiple frames. Through repeated adjustments to the environment, lighting, camera settings and movement, I came to understand how I could not only just simulate classic cinematography techniques, I could create shots that could only be theoretically possible in the real world. The result is a culmination of these experiments. A carefully choreographed animation that represents of a character’s isolation, powerlessness and decay though lighting, focus and movement.


Music by Jesse Bellon